China Recap Video + Expenses

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• Flights from Croatia to Beijing: $69 + 50,000 Merrill Lynch points and 39,950 Citi Thank You points
• Airbnbs/hotels (15 nights): $293 + 84,000 Club Carlson points and $261 Airbnb credit (26,100 UR points)
• Transit (trains, metro, taxis, buses): $278
• Food/drinks/groceries: $517, which comes out to $18.50 pp per day
• Extras (parks/hikes, tours, museums, massages, etc.): $1081

TOTAL: $2239

Budget self grade: B+
We came in just slightly over budget, but not bad at all! We did a great job of saving money on food and accommodations in China, but definitely splurged on activities, including one too many cheap massages, which is essentially what put us over. Oops. We're finding that it's a lot easier to shoot down a big expense then several small ones.