Indonesia Recap Video + Expenses

Indonesia Recap Video + Expenses | Society of Everywhere

Photo and video by Josh Meister Photo.

Watch our Indonesia recap video below and find out why the Nusa islands are the best spot to visit in Bali right now.


• Flights from Bangkok to Bali: $46 + 35,000 United miles
• Airbnbs/hotels (22 nights): $722 ($33/night)
• Transit (motorbikes, boat taxis, ferries): $183
• Food/drinks/groceries: $796, which comes out to $17.30 pp per day
• Extras (rafting, workshop, tours, temples, zip line, diving, kayaking, yoga, etc.): $442

TOTAL: $2189

Budget self grade: A+++

I'm so excited, we get three pluses! We kicked butt on our budget in Indonesia, coming in well under the $3,000 we had allotted (and which we needed to make up for overages elsewhere)! We used miles to fly into Bali, and then paid cash for all accommodations mainly because they're so inexpensive. In addition to Indonesia being a very budget destination, we saved a lot by staying within the Bali region the entire time instead of adding on additional flights to other parts of Indonesia. Can't say we weren't tempted though! This little bit of restraint helps us play catch up in a big way.