On Track! (Sort Of): Our Budget After Asia

Our RTW Budget After Asia | Society of Everywhere

Photo by Josh Meister Photo.

Moving into Asia, we had spent more of our budget than we would have liked to, but were pretty much on par with what we realistically figured we'd spend in Europe. We thought Asia would be a cakewalk monetarily since we planned to spend a lot of time in Southeast Asia, a notoriously budget destination.


Early in our time in Asia, we splurged a bit too much in Japan, because – Japan. How can you not? But we also went slightly over budget in China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam and Cambodia – oops. One of the challenges through Asia was food. There's not a lot of Airbnbs in homes, most of the offering are small guesthouses, no kitchens included, so we had to eat out for almost every meal during our time there.

In Thailand, we came in right on target on budget, and then buckled down in Indonesia, deciding to stick in one general area during our time there to cut the transportation costs, and choosing less expensive accommodation options, even teaming up with another travel couple to share an Airbnb with a kitchen(!!!) so we could cook some meals. In addition to being economical, we had a great time with them. (You can find out more about Sam and Kip and their yearlong trip on their website.)

China: $2,239
Japan: $2,660
Hong Kong: $900
Vietnam + Cambodia: $3,469
Thailand: $4,994
Indonesia: $2,189
+ a few weeks in between Asia and Latin America:
Australia + French Polynesia: $2,788
Los Angeles: $388

In total, that comes out to $19,627 for almost five months (19 weeks), which averages out to $1,033/week.

Hot damn, not bad at all! I mean, not great – technically over budget, but only by $33/week, which comes out to $627 over budget for close to five months. ALTHOUGH we made a bit of a critical miscalculation estimating months remaining after Europe instead of weeks. We based our remaining budget on 8 months, or 32 weeks, when in reality, it should have been 36 weeks. Ugh!

So we've got four months left – 17 weeks!, and $11,711 left in the budget, which allows us $689/week, much lower than before. We're spending that time in Latin America, considered a budget-friendly region. Let's see if that proves to be true and if we can whip our spending into shape by the end of this trip!