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what do you want to know?

When we tell people we're taking a year-long round-the-world trip, we immediately get peppered with some version of the following questions: How can you afford that?, Where are you going?, and How do you pack for that? If you'd like to know the answers to any of those questions, read on below!


the world is a big, big place

When we decided to take this trip, we bought a giant fold-out wall map, spread it out on our dining room table, and started calling out all the places we wanted to go. When we attempted to break down the first 4 months of our trip, the European portion, into how much time could be spent in each location, we had approximately 72 hours in 22 different places. Um, clearly that wasn't going to work. See where we (literally) landed.


how the f@ck can we afford this trip?

This is one of our favorite topics, mainly because we're not totally positive ourselves! Okay, that's not exactly true, but it's a bit of a moving target. Paying for this trip is a mixture of several things including: diligent and aggressive saving, "trickery" saving (not as devious as it sounds), travel hacking, working for accommodations, and some freelancing while traveling. Follow along as we attempt to be as transparent as possible with budgets and spending throughout the trip.


packing is the most stressful thing ever!

The hardest question is What shoes are you taking? It doesn't seem that tough, but when you've got to fit a year's wardrobe (for different climates and types of activities, mind you) into essentially the space of an oversized lunchbox, shoes are a touchy subject. We've made some tough decisions and edits - and some super awesome finds! - and you can view (and judge) our packing lists for yourself.



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