Colombia Recap Video + Expenses

Colombia Recap Video + Expenses | Society of Everywhere

Photo and video by Josh Meister Photo.

Watch our recap video below and read about extricating ourselves from the masses of tourists by visiting the tiny and tough-to-get-to town of Salamina as well as the highlights of Colombia for us.


• Flights from Los Angeles to Cartagena (in business class!): $41 + 130,000 AA miles
• Flights from Cartagena to Manizales to Bogota: $368
• Airbnbs/hotels (15 nights): $411 + 75,000 IHG points + 1 free anniversary night certificate ($27.40/night)
• Transit (taxis, buses): $133
• Food/drinks/groceries: $583, which comes out to $18 pp per day
• Extras (tours, museums, etc.): $145

TOTAL: $1,681

Budget self grade: A

If we had been working with our old budget, we would have aced this country! Sadly, we are now shooting for a much lower daily expense of $100/day, and we almost made it here, but came in about $80 over in total for the two weeks we were there. Really not bad though! Colombia is an affordable country in general with tons of delicious cheap food options, pretty economical accommodations, and some great free and/or cheap activities.