Yay for Travel Insurance (Sort of)!

Yay for Travel Insurance (Sort of)! | Society of Everywhere

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Our trip got off to a very bumpy start a little over four months ago. Due to a flight delay on our departure from Atlanta, we missed our flight to Iceland, which resulted in us scrambling to re-book, spend a night in Boston, and even rent a way-too-expensive car for just three hours to meet up with our friends who were waiting for us in Iceland, having taken the flight on which we weren't able to make it.

Ultimately, we spent an extra $1700 to get back on track.

After enjoying our time in Iceland and getting settled into our new traveling lifestyle, we got all the necessary documents together and filed a travel insurance claim. It took some time, but we finally heard back from them with a result - they will reimburse us almost half of what we spent.

We obviously would have been much happier being reimbursed all $1700, but half of that is not bad, and it's certainly better than nothing!

Shari Margolin